Thank you so much for your time, advice, encouragement and support today! I am excited and re-invigorated to launch back into my job search!

Michele asked thought-provoking questions which pushed me to consider parts of myself that I had dismissed as unrelated to my work life. She leads her clients on a trip toward self-discovery, and she does this with compassion and intelligence. She seems to think about her clients before, during, and after their sessions, and even after they have left her practice! She sure knows her stuff!

Michele brings curiosity, laughter, and imagination to her coaching. She welcomes accomplishments, failures, attempts, power, resistance, joy, and more! Michele’s presence, attentive listening, and honest reflection has allowed me to see more of who I am, and with loving encouragement, assists me in creating the life I want.

I wanted to tell you that your feedback has really been with me this month. It has made a huge difference in my home life. Despite the fact that we’ve only met once as well as exchanged a few e-mails, you have no idea how much you’ve helped me so far. I really feel like I’m getting myself back. I can’t wait to talk to you again.

The consistency of Michele’s approach, in structure and in style, provided a steady point from which to check my progress, take my reflections to a next level of action, and move forward towards my next steps. Michele was a rock in my sea of change, a dependable place on which to hold on and consider my next step, and a firm place from which to push off into action.

Michele has a flair for balancing her coaching with emotional support, combined with concrete, practical suggestions I can easily put into place. Her insight and incisive reflection helps me draw useful and powerful conclusions about what I’m going through. I highly recommend Michele as a coach; she is supportive and smart and keeps you headed towards your vision!

I’m living in New York City and working as a pastry chef at a high end, raw food restaurant, thanks to you! I am loving it and so happy with my decision!

Michele asked me questions I would have never asked myself, which helped me to discover the answers I really needed.

Michele was very effective in helping me organize and develop my goals in my creative endeavors.  She understands my needs to be creative in order to be happy, as well as the many worries I face trying to make a living being an artist.  Through our sessions, she suggested practical exercises for me to achieve my goals.  I have finished a few different fine art projects since I started my sessions with her.

Working with Michele has been incredibly helpful. I’ve discovered so much about myself and have also learned tools for dealing with challenging situations. And through the process I’ve been moving towards reaching my goals.